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Two days of learning, investor meetings and networking with Life Science industry leaders

in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley area.

Join us February 7-8, 2023 for an exclusive event that will bring together some of Canada's exceptional Life Science Startups and a network of influential Silicon Valley Life Science industry leaders and investors. 

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Glenn Reicin

Chief Financial Officer

Alladapt Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Corey Zankowski

Founder and CEO, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Primum, Varian

Bassam El-Fahmawi

Founder and CEO


Scott St. Germain

Vice President, Oncology,          Business General Manager


Terry Duesterhoeft

Founder and CEO

Motum, A&D Medical

Partha Ray

Strategic Partnerships & Venture Capital

Stanford Biodesign 

John Ricci

Managing Director

US Angels

Cedric Bisson


Teralys Capital

Cheryl Reicin



Neil Aubuchon

Chief Commercial Officer


Michael May

Chief Executive Officer


Surbhi Sarna

Group Partner

Y Combinator

Iris Wedeking

CEO and Co-Founder


Ali Samiian

Life Sciences Reimbursement Executive

Witney McKiernan


HealthQuest Capital

Rachel Lane


Versant Ventures

Mark Ginestro

Principal, Life Sciences

EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young

Jessica Holmes

VP, Health Policy and Reimbursement

Neuspera Medical

Alex Kolicich

Founding Partner


Mike Regan

Chief Innovation Officer

Fogarty Institute for Innovation

Don Vaughn

Entrepreneurd, Neuroscientist, Investor


42 Health Sensors 

Driven by our commitment to the care and management of high blood pressure and related diseases, 42 Health Sensor is a MedTech startup that is developing a miniature, wearable, continuously active, blood pressure and heart rate monitor. With our device people and patients worldwide will be able to easily track one of their most important biometrics and manage their hypertension and heart disease at home or while out and about.

AIMA Laboratories

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 females. It takes 5-12 years from onset of symptoms to diagnosis, and during this time women suffer in pain. AIMA's flagship product will shorten the diagnostic path for endometriosis and help women get the treatments they need sooner. 


AmacaThera is focused on the commercialization of a hydrogel platform for sustained drug release. Our propriety technology can be combined with therapeutic agents to form a product, which will localize the therapeutics to the injection site to improve the duration of action when injected into a tissue. This hydrogel platform is compatible with a wide range of therapeutics and can sustain release from a few days up to a month. AmacaThera has shown applicability to a wide range of therapeutics from small molecules to growth factors and is seeking collaborations to develop additional applications.


We predict and prevent adverse medical events for patients with chronic conditions using a novel prediction & prevention technology

Bio-stream Diagnostics Inc

Bio-Stream is in the business of working with researchers, centralized labs, and diagnostic companies to bring point-of-care and at-home testing to market. We do this by providing a small, low-cost transistor and companion reader that together provide exceptional accuracy in detecting antigens, along with cloud services and data analytics.

The Bio-Stream Platform is based on organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) technology to detect your biomarkers of choice (which differs from lateral flow rapid and specialized PCR tests). We deliver the traxEssentials kit that allows researchers to create highly accurate screening and diagnostic tests quickly– build your bio-assay in just eight weeks!


Canurta is a preclinical biotech pioneering the production and R&D of rare small molecules. Featuring a platform of patented technologies, Canurta is able to access and commercialize these molecules for the first time. The company has a robust therapeutic pipeline with anti inflammatory, anticancer, antiviral and neuroprotective assets that are currently being explored for a spectrum of chronic diseases.


DrugBank is the world’s first intelligent and comprehensive drug knowledge platform. With the help of artificial intelligence, our team of medical and scientific experts gather, author, verify, and structure all of the latest biomedical information into one knowledge platform. Then we make this platform easy to access through DrugBank Online (our free-to-use website), data downloads, or software integrations. Our goal is to augment human intelligence so that all medical information is used to its fullest potential, because we want to ensure that everyone in the world has access to the best possible medical outcomes.

Enhanced Medical Nutrition

Nutrition status and deficiency are risk factors in surgery associated with increased rates of mortality, complication, and delayed functional recovery. EMN has developed a novel and effective solution that empowers patients to prepare better and recover faster from surgery.

Fe Pharmaceuticals

Genuine breakthroughs in infectious disease are rare but this is one. Fe Pharmaceuticals (www.fepharm.com) is developing DIBI, a non-toxic, iron-binding copolymer, as a potent (<uM MIC), broad-spectrum, antimicrobial agent active against bacterial and fungal infections, including drug resistant organisms. DIBI augments a natural iron sequestration mechanism, hypoferremia, that starves infections for essential iron. DIBI is also effective against sepsis, inflammatory disorders, and cancer. This water-soluble polymer is ideal for many different routes of administration and has been characterized in 22 published studies. It is non-toxic in animal studies, and because of its unique mechanism of action, it is immune to the development of microbial resistance and inhibits the development of resistance to co-administered antibiotics with which it is synergistic.

Health Gauge

Health Gauge is a leading digital health solutions provider poised to disrupt the traditional healthcare industry by providing digital solutions which improve health outcomes while reducing costs and stresses on the overburdened healthcare infrastructure. Our patent-pending solution is a bespoke personal health monitoring & management system, combining best-in-class wearable health monitors with sophisticated AI-based software tools. By leveraging the power of leading artificial intelligence and machine-learning, we provide for a secure and trusted means for clients to engage clinical resources and health coaching as a regular part of their care process and ongoing health management.


Inteligex’s neural stem cell technologies are designed to provide meaningful functional recovery for individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. Our extensive IP portfolio has allowed the transition from novel academic discovery to GMP clinical-grade manufacturing. These leading edge therapies will allow patients with currently untreatable conditions; like traumatic injuries, cerebral palsy, MS and stroke; to gain independence and improved quality of life.

MIMOSA Diagnostics

MIMOSA Dx is battling inequity and a lack of data in skin injury assessment. The current standard of care relies on the human eye - Leaving true insight out of reach. Insights critical for assessing health of tissue in diabetes, PAD, pressure injuries and more. Existing technologies are time consuming, invasive or in the case of light-based technologies, like MIMOSA Dx, cannot account for pigmentation of skin.

MIMOSA Dx offers a handheld class II medical imaging device that, in less than a second, captures physiological data from tissue from all skin tones to better inform the clinical decision making process.


NanoTess Inc. is a material science startup developing nanomaterials to address some of the world’s toughest health challenges, beginning with chronic wounds.


Neurovine is changing the way concussion patients recover using real-time data and machine learning to personalize your path to recovery. Our proprietary technology lets you return to life without the fear of regression in your recovery process.

Noa Therapeutics

Noa is a preclinical Canadian biotech company leveraging a systems biology and big data approach for the design of novel, multimodal therapeutic solutions for inflammatory disease. Noa will lead with a first use case in atopic dermatitis. Our multimodal therapeutics will disrupt the current cycle of treatment failures, which have left 9 out of 10 patients dissatisfied, and streamline treatment into a singular, meaningful solution.


OraQ is a clinical decision support system that relies on AI and machine learning to provide dental practices with a distinct competitive advantage. Radically improve treatment strategies without dramatically changing the practice by seamlessly integrating patient data, imaging and supplementary data. This opens the door to sophisticated diagnoses, uncovers new treatment opportunities, guides treatment planning, and ultimately improves practice revenues.


Orpyx® is a leading digital therapeutics company that is committed to extending healthspan for people living with diabetes through personalized remote care. Our flagship product, the Orpyx SI® Sensory Insoles, is transforming diabetes care by helping prevent diabetic foot ulcers, a major complication of diabetes that can lead to amputation. Our dedicated remote patient monitoring team, comprised of credentialed providers and nurses, utilizes advanced data science methodologies to provide personalized support and triaged clinical escalation. With our whole-person approach, Orpyx empowers people to take control of their health, prevent debilitating complications and extend their healthspan.  

Views ML

ViewsML is a SaaS digital health company revolutionizing cancer drug development and companion diagnostics (CDx) using AI machine learning. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a key laboratory procedure used for biomarker detection in CDx. Our core platform technology, Aion™, virtualizes the IHC process to predict biomarker expression spatially and quantitatively, transforming this 24+ hour process into mere seconds – we give researchers back 100% of their IHC time and 50% of their IHC budget. Our innovation allows for significant time savings in patient selection during clinical trial enrollment and virtualization of CDx for precision medicine to reach more patients faster.

Vope Medical 

Vope Medical has developed an AI-driven software to address a significant unmet need for clear vision in minimally invasive surgery. The lack of automation in current cleaning processes brings frustration, increased errors, and poorer patient outcomes. We optimize the cleaning process by reducing the number of cleaning events through image enhancement and minimize disruptions by fully automating the cleaning process. This allows the surgeon to stay completely focused on the procedures they are performing by eliminating distractions that arise from the current cleaning process.


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